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Feel free to take a look at my portfolio which showcase the Retrofresh EP and most of what I have been up to reccently. Such as my cinematic soundtrack series. The blog page also contains smaller projects that I put out and shows some insight into how I produced them, or the learning curve that I ventured on to find out how for myself.


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Hello and welcome, My name is Mootzart I am a composer and sound designer, which targets Video-Game, Advertisment Video Content and 3D Spatial Audio. However I have been interested in most modern art-forms for many years. Since I was a young child I had the fortune of exposure to great musical works and education of the genres. Rock, Metal, Pop, Funk, Folk, Dance, Trance, Drum & Bass, Techno and so on...


This upbringing of sonic consumption embedded a deep lust for knowing how it is done, because as I grew older it felt like something that was a part of my being. It made me who I am and able to learn more. As Philip Ball (Music Instinct) says "Music is an inevitable product of human intelligence". Music is part of us, born from a universal system that we are able to tap into. It makes us smarter. I can not imagine a life without it.  I have spent many years learning how to play the guitar like many others before me. Adapting styles to my own such as finger-style acoustic to heavy riffing on electric.  Other instruments made their way on to my portfolio also. But my main passion is music technology and production. 


Music is not the only thing that tickles my fancy. Nearly all art amazes me. Be it drawing, painting or any other form of the like. But I am afraid my skills have not taken me there quite yet. The realm of digital art however, is. 3D modelling is a new hobby as well as game development and i wish that some of my concepts and universes make it to peoples screens one day soon


Please do look around. 

Retrofresh : EP 

Poor man zart

Blindly ft Rod Powell

Im on Spotify and all other large streaming sites!


Check out my Album and some of my other works on Google Play, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer and more! 

Just search 'Mootzart' to check out the latest. And be sure to keep an eye out for the upcoming album. And there are some other special works happening in the lab! Please follow this artist link for my Spotify profile 'here'. 

new wave acoustic loop version - Promo

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