#10: My Goals & Direction: Ambitown - Virtual Musical Performances/mix's

The concept for this project is to produce a immersive visual audio experience with spatial audio being the core feature. The target is to produce a prototype level/environment for the game. The level would be an interactive concert as well as a social application. It would feature most typical online social chat room features such as player characters/avatars, mini games, chat room, limited customisation features etc. But the core elements would be the featured music and essentially any visuals that come with it.


From a users perspective… they would create a basic avatar/character + a profile which would give them a presence in the digital environment. They would then be able to join an available level/server (prototype would be a offline version). They would then be able to move around and interact with the environment such as mini games or other playersvia chat etc as well as experiencing the visual musical performances within the digital world. Ideally there would be multiple environments that house various musical demonstrations for the audience/viewer to consume. Each with its own genre and visual style to match. For example an orchestral performance in a grand hall, or a DJ performing in a night club. As the player moves through the environment they will hear real dynamic changes. Some interesting effects can be used to enhance the experience such as virtual characters to create crowds with their own audio function and interactive animations.


As well as impulse responses (IR) to create a more realistic approach to the environments acoustic emulation. This could be done with atmospheric recordings and reverb to react to the music. However with modern methods this can be adapted to work in realtime which would have a greater reusability aspect. There is nearly an endless scope for what could be added to the software potentially, however the features will be confined to a prototype version of the software to use as a proof of concept for further development if the opportunity arises.





Basic Functions  for Prototype will include...



- Test environment/level (Terrain, buildings, skybox).


- 3D modelled assets (Natural Assets: foliage etc. Man Made Assets: Instruments etc).


- Animated 3D models (Characters, Instruments etc).


- Level Lighting.


- Basic User Interface (UI).


- Spatial Audio Features: Google Resonance Audio - RT60 Mesh, Material Map and other acoustics features.





This will lead onto a much larger project with advanced features that will likely require a team to finalise. So if you are interested then please contact me regarding the Ambitown Project. Some of the advanced features are detailed below...



- Avatar Creation/customisation for players.


- Online server features on UI menu for players to enter Ambitown (main environment).


- Credit/currency system to purchase custom in game items, access passes and tickets to private concerts.


- ‘Build A Song’ mode for players on the UI’s main menu. (Ability to add MP3 stems to pre-made musician NPC’s to create their own concerts/singles/EP/Albums  online in a virtual way. This would include the ability to export the visuals to a video file.


- ‘The Live List Radio’ - A ‘nightclub’ in Ambitown with a virtual DJ for online players to add their songs to the global list. Potential to create a in game, live radio   feed of players musical works. This would also have a ranking or voting system for the current live track that goes to each players ‘musical rank’. This will add   some statistical elements to the game and maybe privileges for the high ranking musicians.


- Other online functions such as chat panel, emoji/emotions and UI menus for moving around servers/levels.





The above features are just some of the concepts for the Ambitown project.