#11: Level Design: Ambitown Prototype





Ambitown will be a fairly large social audio game with VR potential. It will likely feature most of which was discussed in earlier posts as well as likely changes as it develops. The main level will be a small open world for players to intereact with. But for the purpose of the prototype only a few scenes will be made as a 'training ground' for the production of the gameplay elements. 


The prototype scenes will include a 'house band' style scene to demonstrate the ability to use common musical forms. Which will demnstrate some of the acoustic features that are possible, as well as show a range of acoustic envrionments.  As well as a scene to demonstrate more complex arrangements in the form of orchestral music within a larger envrinment. Each level will show case different features for the sake of the prototype. 



Show Room:


Show Room is a hillside house in the Purple Mountains of Ambitown. This will include some important acoustic features such as sound occlusion, reverb meshes, reverb transitions as well as real time spatial audio. The music will consist of Electro Funk music recorded in a DIY fasion as well as a stereo example in a different acoustic envrionment. 



Main Stage:



Main Stage is the second level that will demonstate slightly more advanced features as the learning curve progresses. This will be the orchestral musical feature that will be made using Logic Pro X. The music will likely be extremely un processed and clean coming from Logic, to make sure that the effects heard when playing the game are coming from the processing within the game and not third party.


Main Stage will also demonstrate the audio visual elements of the game which will be initially developed in this scene. These elements can then be likely applied to a multitude of other features for reusability. 



Initial Learning:


In order to start building levels I needed to learn how to navigate through Unity Engine. This was done using purely internet based research and video tutorials via Unity's website and Youtube. I believe this is the most productive way to learn and the fastest. Unity provide a plethora of information with helpful tutorials attached to the information. Which is basically all a new user would ever need to know when starting out. 


Learning the basic interface functions and navigation is key initially to get started. This can then lead on to adding assets to the scene, manipulating terrains and geometry and so on. Unity's Interface & Essentials (18W).


I personally prefer to follow a specific person as I feel that it is helpful to become used to a character/teacher. It makes for a better and more confortable interactive learning experience. I have found a Youtube channel that was followed to learn most of what I have used in the project so far (excluding the scripting elements).


Jimmy Vagas: Ultimate Unity Tutorial For Beginners (10DL).