#16: User Interface 

The user interface is a reasonably simple element of the entire project. It uses basic code found within the Unity manual that create buttons using PNG graphics created that I created in GIMP. 


Unity allows the user to create buttons that can have scenes attached to them. The script creates an instance that can be attached to the button. The user can make as many of these on click 'links' as they wish to make a more complex UI. 

Main Menu

The UI is very simple and does the job required. The main menu scrit was easily adapted into a pause menu/level select UI that can be used in game by attaching a command to a key on the keyboard (P= Pause).

User Interface Unity UI Button Instances

There is of course other settings that allow some additional edits to the buttons, such as editing the highlight colours and atributes. Additional text and its colour and so on...

User interface Unity UI Button Edits
Ambitown User Basic Interface
Ambitown Pause Menu