#2: Introduction to Unity Engine 

Unity Engine is a game engine programme designed by Unity Technologies [1W]. Unity is a surprisingly simple programe to use, however it is extremely powerful. With it the user is able to combine componants made inside or with other external programmes to build and manipulate a digital enviornment to create a playable experience. The level of detail that 'can' be achived is remarkable and is down to time, budget and effort of the creator. For example simple mobile games such as Temple Run [2W] all the way up to high quality developments such as Rust [3W] or even the ambitious indie project No Mans Sky [4W]. Here is a list that Unity has featured on their webiste. Games made with Unity Engine - Made With Unity [5W].


Unity Download Page - Mootzart

Unity (or any game engine can be demanding on a computer depending on what the user wishes to create. So some infomation on system requirments is a important step to knowing if a personal project can acutally be achived. I do not personally have a custom built PC ready for game development, which usually houses advanced graphics cards for demanding visual processing.


(I have a high spec MacBook Pro OS High Sierra, 2.5GHz Intel Core i7, 16GB 2133 RAM with IntelHD/Redeon Graphics 1536MB and 1TB SSD). So I am unsure on weather or not this Mac has the power to sufficiently produce a game of the required magnitude based on the reccomended spec... 


Unity system requirements - mootzart

So with this initial introduction to Unity Engine I can begin to learn some more about how it is acutally used to produce a game. 


It is available for download at this link: Unity Engine Dowload. 





Unity Program - Mootzart

Unity offers a variety of production plans to fit the requirments of all potential users. The have essentially a free version for learning, hobbyists and general interests as well as subscription based versions with more advanced features as shown bellow.