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What is brand Identity and why do we construct it?

Brand identity is the face of a brand. Built visually to represent the identity of the brand. Also this visual identity usually works along side the brand’s philosophy. By this, we mean the logo, the ads and the products all correspond to these themes of brand identity so that the business or company can showcase its ideas or values.

Mootzart Brand identity

So, when looking at the Mootzart logo we can break it down easily. The name itself represents two ideas, who and what the company does. ‘Mootz’ and ‘art’. That is simple enough. The visual aspect of the identity shows the brand being clear, crisp, sharp and modern. A potential customer can see this because of the clean and crisp edges designed in a modern vector format. The sharpness comes from the logos ‘pointy’ design, which represents an almost sci-fi style of font.

Because striking features often occur in brands visuals, we have to wonder why? It is because a brand wants to build iconic memory and to be remembered.

Not Just Logos…

Logos are not the only thing that allow a business to convey its identity. It can be shown in all forms of media, specifically audio and video. If a brand came to Mootzart with an already made logo and theme yet wanted to grow their ad material, then the next logical step would be some sort of video and audio content. A good example of this is our work with Ambo Skincare. We created social media ads using 3D animated visuals.

Ambo Skincare – 3D product animation and audio.

This short Instagram ad was designed to represent the brand. They are a skincare company based around sustainability, cleanliness and essentially purity within the product. Visually this has been shown by the open space, clean colour palette and matching realism therefore expressing the themes of the actual product. In addition we have the audio. In this final layer we can fortify the memory attached to the product known as echoic memory.

The importance of both visual and audio…

Lastly, visual and audio are both important when it comes to brand development. Either one can exist without the other, however they fit together perfectly and create a much more powerful experience for potential customers.

Paragraphs before have spoken about memory, and this is what you want to create for anyone viewing your brand. Visuals work on the short term so they need to quickly engage the viewer. Audio tends to work on the longterm, therefore once the content has become engrained in the viewers memory it will likely never go away.

This tells us that ads needs consistent audio and changing visuals that (of course) represent their brand identity.

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