The Birth of the Zarthia Universe

Zarthia Isle of Scars

Zarthia is a new universe being developed under my new studio name Tecastus Studios. Everything is in its early stages currently, but I am fully committed to manifest this project to the fullest of my ability. I will be using Unreal Engine 5 to produce a game within this universe to start people of in this epic world.

What is Zarthia?

Zarthia or the Zarthia System, is a planetary system home to a diverse set of worlds. There are seven planets each with its own history and mystery. The younger races of Insolitus tell stories of the Old God Clan or Ancients – Alonn, Soluumon, Emrozil, Golmek, Brazzius, Craijiol and Savinn. They also happen to be the names of the heavenly bodies. The stories of the gods are but fragments told by the younger races. “In itus otha unsa koril, keet caz lias”. This phonetic fragment of the Zarthian language translates to  “The land, sea and sky, can free mankind”. 

Zarthia System
The Zarthia/Savinn Star System

The first game will take place on the planet Insolitus, on a small island named The Isle of Scars. I will be documenting the development of the earlier stages of the game as well as developing a website that will handle the place for all of the highly detailed lore. The website will also act as a hub for updates on the games progress via dev logs.

Insolitus 1239. B.A

Below you can see the start of the Isle of Scars development log on YouTube. Please click the top right for the other videos.

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