#3: Introduction to Ureal Engine 

Unreal Engine (4) is a extremely versitile and powerful game engine designed by Epic Games [6W]  that founded in 1991. Unreal Engine is the chosen platform for many popular titles suchs as Gears of War, Infinity Blade, Unreal and the newly popualar battle royal game Fortnite. As well as many other titles created by other developers that use the engine such as Mortal Kombat XL and Injusttice 2 by Nether Realm Studios [7W] or Ark by Studio Wildcard [8W]. 


Unreal Engine is an extremely demanding program for most PC/Mac's and can keep your machine extremely hot. It is suggested by many that Unreal is purely a Windows or Linux based software due to the lower ability of Mac's graphics processing. 


(I have a high spec MacBook Pro OS High Sierra, 2.5GHz Intel Core i7, 16GB 2133 RAM with IntelHD/Redeon Graphics 1536MB and 1TB SSD). So I am unsure on weather or not this Mac has the power to sufficiently produce a game of the required magnitude based on the reccomended spec... 


Unreal Startup panel - mootzart
Unreal engine system requirements - mootzart
Unreal UE4 System Requirements Windows - Mootzart

So with this initial introduction to Unreal Engine I can begin to learn some more about how it is acutally used to produce a game. 


It is available for download at this link after registering: Unreal Engine 4 Dowload. 






Epic offer all features of the powerful software for free to all users, which makes it a great learning tool for high quality products. However there is a licience agreement regarding project earnings once it is completed and released and sold. 5% of all worldwide gross revenue goes to Epic as part of the user agreement for the softwares licience. All infomation regarding this agreement can be found here [9W].