#5: 3D Modeling Overview

3D Modeling is a vast industry with multiple purposes. These purposes range from 3D scenes for complex 2D images, animation for animated film, user interface elements for softwares, models for 3D representations of data such as graphs, grids, plans or scans. Or even complex engineering desing or arcitecture. 


3D modeling is also a fundemental for game development.  It is used to create nearly all objects within a game such as simple or complicated characters, weapons, objects and nature (rocks, trees etc). Without these elements a game/scene is lacking in realism (if that is the intention) or immersion. 

There are a number of high quality modeling programs around that are perfect for the jobs. Some are more suited to specific uses such as CAD realted programs for engineering purposes. But some of the more common softwares for what I intend to do are programs like Autodesk Maya [10W],  3DS Max [11W], Pixologic: ZBrush [12W],  Sketchup [13W] and many more. Most of the above however are expensive programs that are either paid in full or by subscription, similar to the game engines mentioned before. 


for the purpose of this project that has a budget of zero. I have decided to go with an open source program called Blender


I chose Blender becuase not only is it free to use, but it is constantly updating to be more versitile and user freindly. From the visuals seen during online research it seemed to have the most familar user interface sharing traits from softwares like Photoshop and the like, making it easier or at least more comfortable to learn in my opinion.







Blender building model wireframe - Mootzart
Blender building model wireframe - Mootzart
3D model example - motorbike
3D model example - human