#7: Scripting/Code Intro

Scripting is a term used for a script of code written in a specific coding language. For this project I have had to leanr and use C# language as it is the native language for Unity Personal version. 


C# is a fairly simple general purpose langauge that derives from Microsoft. It is used in Unity Engine for nearly all features that are beyond the placement of assets within the scene. So in order to make your game work to a better standard, you really do need to know how to script in C# if you wish to go further with Unity Engine. 


Everything that you would ever need to knowabout C# is online and free to read. As well as there being multiple channels on Youtube and such to give you some visual learning also. Here is a link to the Unity learning section that gave me my first clue as to how to read and write in the langauge. [7DL] Unity Scripting.



If you have a specific requirment that is not met on the video tutorials on the above link... then i would suggest searching on Youtube for a user who has gone through the same issues as yourself. There is likely to be another that has gone through the same process already. 



Additionally there is the documentation variation which I would also reccomend to new users to get a better grip of the infomation. [8DL] Scripting Documentation.