Native Instruments series 


Here is a link to the blogs relating to my Native Instruments composition series. Using the Discovery Series Kontakt libraries and some of my own sound design...

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My Videogame Learning Curve


I have started learning how to make video games! It may help you if you are thinking of doing the same without any knowledge of the indusrty...

Take a look!

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How to define a soundtrack


Soundtracks are the core of my audio work! It is what I wish to do. To create the audio brand for my clients!


guitar 101: Acoustic


Click on this blog to learn some basics of acoustic guitar! 

Starting with basic scales which will be a ongoing series...

Mootzart Acoustic guitar tutorials
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Mootz Productions: UK Vinyl Records 


Here is a short description introduction to my first webstie project. This is now building to become one of the best places for UK records and information attached to them...

Terminus: Cyberstar


Here is a introduction blog to show a new Cyberpunk style indie video game that Im working on as a composer. 


First Single on Spotify!


This is some quick information showing all the streaming sites that my new single is on. Please check it out...

Mootzart on Spotify and streaming sites

FREE Download: Cinematic Audio


A link to the Native Instruments Cinematic Audio Series download on Bandcamp...

Cinematic Audio Link: Free Download

spotify Player 


A link to a Spotify player that shows some of my up to date mainstream works...

Spotify Player Mootzart
New Wave Live Loop Music

Here is a post showing a new promo video I did using a loop machine and some live elements.

This gives a little sneak peak at the new music I and a friend are working on. Hope you all enjoy and keep updated for the new works on all major streaming and music platforms...

Poor Man Zart Album Art