NI Series #3: Sounds of cuba


For Ataque al mercado i wanted to create a 'sound scene' like the others before it. But for its impact to feel more releaving by the end. #1 feels dark and keeps you on edge. #2 is a song for adventure and fantasy... and this one was targeted to feel patriotic, forfilling and of course cinematic. 


For this soundtrack i used Native Instruments Discovery Series: Cuba to start me off on the cuban/spanish/latin american style. I decided to create a musical scene as if a festival or live event was happening in the local town. Using the ensembles given to me by NI. 



#4 will be sounds of africa...


Please take a moment to listen to the project below.


Native Instruments Sounds of Cuba - Mootzart
Native Instruments - Trumpet - Sounds of Cuba - Mootzart
Logic Pro X - Folders Example  - Mootzart

The trumpet is the star of the show, leading the melody and overall movment of the soundtrack. Its return on bar 63 helps tie up the lose connection to the two sonic themes. 


Additionally, i added some of my own acoustic guitar playing to bring the over all tibre to a more natural life. Two simple layers of lead and  rhythm are added from bar 51 to create a new texture to the outro of the soundtrack. They are set quite far back into the mix to not take to much attention from the tension.

With the 'market scene' complete and 'people having fun'... now we need drama! How about a sudden alien attack or enemy invasion?... well that is the sound that i went for when i decided to take a darker turn. 


A quick and sharp change using heavy dark pitched timpani hits, sub swells and glitchy bass samples allowed me to blend with the latin style quite well surprisingly. The over all timbre seems to remind me of a terminator theme style. A blend of traditional music with a dark sci-fi twist.

If any of you feel you are interested in the technical side of the creative process more so then the current info then please let me know in the comments section so that i can begin writing a more indepth blog regarding the techniques behind my sound design and processing. A REMINDER THAT I HAVE NOT MASTERED ANY OF THEM PROPERLY YET.