NI Series #1: Sounds of India 

Native Instruments: Sounds of India - Mootzart

I wanted to create a composition playlist for my portfolio that showcased a wide range of genre/style.


I set myself the mission to create 7 tracks in 7 days. Allowing only 12 hours per composition to fit to a fairly strict simulation of a working project.


The other element of the mission was to make each project different to the others.


To do this is i have decided to make each track target a particular cultural background with regards to genre, timbre and vibe. 


#1 (duststorm) uses Kontakt 5's Sounds of India: discovery series as its main foundation. 



The project worked out really well when combined with some of my own sound dsign made ussing other native insruments plugins such as damaged (kontakt 5) and razor (reaktor 6).


#2 will be sounds of the orient...



Please take a moment to listen to the project below.