NI Series #2: Sounds of the orient 

 #2 (Holopan) 



This time round, i had to use my imagination to gather the sounds i needed to create what is probably considered as a stereotype soundscape that represents the orient.


The Driving force of the melodic elements are done using the standard logic pro x koto instrument. with some of my own 'spice'. Additional Eq (VMR - Slate digital) to roll up the high frequency content as well as some of the bass and sub frequency range.  a simple reverb (rc48- native instruments) working in conjunction with logics Arpeggiator to create the 16th note movement in the desired key (F).

#3 will be sounds of Cuba...


Please take a moment to listen to the project below. 



Native Instruments RC48 Softube - Mootzart
Slate Digital FG-S EQ - Mootzart

Native Instruments - RC48


A simple play with the default settings allows me to quickly find the reight reverberation for the job. 


This time, i decided to go for a huge and wide space so it could work along side the Ozone Imager plugin for a clear and epic sound.  

Slate Digital - FG-S 


This digital recreation of a popular SSL style console EQ is perfect for adding extra snap or punch to my tracks. 


These exact settings where used to enchance the sound of the koto. 

Logic Track Strip Example - Mootzart
iZotope Ozone Imager Example - Love Heart - Mootzart

Ni Rise & Hits was used for the majority of the builds leading to changes in the soundtrack. These transitions where heavily processed for a far more interesting and individual sound. A bounce/re record + Reverseing the sample made for a great transition before the drop with the main flute... the Shakuhatchi. 









This was the most difficult part of the track, as to make any software instrument/VST sound realistic, you must pay close attention to the characteristics of the instrument your attempting to mimic. You have to some extend understand a fair bit about how the instrument is played in reality to be able to mimic it digitally. But this is unfortunately something that you mostly, cant learn overnight.


With some time working over the midi infomation (velocity, tremolo, pitch automation, expression) i managed to get something close to what i imagined and i am pretty happy with it. 


Over all I am rather happy with the outcome of Holopan and I am considering adding it to my upcoming album. With some additional adjustments of course. Another interesting thing to note is that the stereo image shown from the koto displays a heart shape... so this track is filled with nothing but love!!