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Cinematic series  

By Mootzart


This is a short post showing off my cinematic audio series. I composed all soundtracks using Native Instruments software as my main tools for development. As well as some acoustic recordings. I gave myself no longer then a single session to make each composition, working hard to keep a sonically clean standard with high impact. 

My personal favourite is Holopan, Sounds of The Orient. What is yours?

I aim to add to this free seires, so be sure to check in from time to time to see about an update. I plan to add Africa to the list next followed by some others. 


If you want to download this FREE series then go for the download link below. Or just have a listen. If you chose to download... making a Bandcamp account first would do me a great service by adding your artwork to my list of supporters! I would appreciate it. I can also send you discount codes for my other releases on Bandcamp.