How to define a soundtrack 

By Mootzart


How do we define a soundtrack. The definition of a soundtrack is usually a composition of musical sound arranged to fit to a piece of media. This media can range through all forms, such as T.V, film, advertisment and video game. 


Soundtracks can be long or short in length dependent on the format, and generally target the style or genre they are attached to. For example you would not conventionally use a death metal song for a 'colonial period drama'. Genre plays a large part in soundtracks and helps to define the context of the content it is attached to. Such as Sci-Fi media. This genre can usually take many interesting forms musically such as retro music from the 80's, with arpeggiated melodies through analog synthesisers and heavy cinematic drums. This heaviliy electronic sound helped calve a 'timbre' for the genre and a Sci-Fi T.V show rarely works without this format since it was established. 


There has been a interesting blend of styles lately that uses various world musical styles, blended with modern electronic production methods to create high impact cinematic soundtracks for modern media...

A soundtrack should make the veiwer tie in with the visual content. Both audio and visual go hand in hand for an immersive experience. The soundtracks audio can represent movement (diegetic sound) or simply just create atmosphere realted to the genre/scene. 

The fantasy/adventure genre tends to stick to certain styles of a more world music style that relates to the theme of the media. Such as orchestral music found in the Lord of The Rings films for the epic battles or the Mongolian styles found in the Marco Polo soundtrack  on the Netflix T.V series. 


The vast range of soundtracks expand to probably all genres of music. Giving a soundtrack composer a plethora of range for their projects, especially with the current modern digital sampling technology. The current trend of soundtracks seems to cinematic and I feel this will continue for a while due to its shock and wow factor when combined with visual cues and imagery.

I hope this brief example of what a soundtrack is has helped in some ways. I will end it with an example of a branding style soundtrack applied to a piece of advertisment visual content. If anyone would like to hire me for soundtrack work, then please feel free to contact me for more info on rates (there are always deals to be done).