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Mootz productions :


Mootzproductions was my first internet based project to help promote all aspects of my artistic creation, such as composition, sound design, guitar playing and much more. 


It further developed into a site which enabled me to create websites for other local businesses. This allowed me to work with great companies such as Brook Guitars who make all of my amazing acoustic guitars. These can be heard in my musical works and on my youtube videos (please take a look at my youtube channel found in the footer at the bottom of the page). 


I have since created this website to precify on my music production works such as composition, sound design and other aspects of audio works. Video game audio and 3D/spatial audio have become a passion of mine and I worked to keep this seperate for clarity.


Mootzproductions has since become a place to showcase my rare record collection. Collected by me and past down by my family over the course of 45 years! With over 50,000 albums and an uncounted amount of singles/EPs... I thought it was a good time to start one of the cleanest and simple archives  of rare vinlys that the internet has! 


This is another ongoing project and more and more will be continually addded as the accurate information is aqquired. Featuring multiple genres such as 60s Beat, Rock n’ Roll, Rock, Prog Rock, Classic Rock,  Blues, Delta Blues Heavy Metal, Folk and many more. Most are UK vinyl records.



Record Matrixes and Stampers:


I found out early in my record collecting career that the best audio quality found on vinyl were records that feature the earliest stampers. When comparing these with the same record but with much later stampers, it was quite clear to me that later stampers produced a much more bland or dull sound, compared to early stampers equivalant. It was always my focus to seek out the earliest stampers to get the best audio quality available on vinyl.  This is the reason why the earliest pressings with the earliest stampers are much more desirable and in general are more expensive to purchase...


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