Learn how to use some of the most popular Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) such as Logic Pro X.

Learn how to produce music by the use of only a laptop and softwares such as VST/AU, Dynamic Processors and other great plugins. 

Composing & Mixing.


Learn all principles of hardware processing to further your knowledge and enhance your potential. 

Learn all about signal flow and problem solving.


Learn how to use microphones.

Learn the differences between certain microphones and their applications. 

Learn industry techniques and tips. 


Digital Mastering

Finalising projects and digital mastering. 


Uploading to various media.


You will learn the Mootzart standard of project management. 

Audio and project management, industry conventions, planning and prep (pre production). 



Mootzart Mixing
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Mixing, 360 Audio, spatial audio: 

Digtial  Mastering: 

Composing or sound design (Soundtracks):

Looking to hire Mootzart?

You can learn and make music like this...

Soundtrack creation is my main focus.  I have worked on indie development game audio for a while now...


The fee really does depend on the size of the project and the amount of time it would take. A single branding soundtrack is the lowest rate at around £50+ But a musical soundscape to video or audio for game will be more due to the time and depth of the projects. 

Video game development teams can contact for longer term payment plans. I can also work within Unity game engine regarding standard and spacial audio within game projects.

A good mix sounds better louder right? 


I will prepare your tracks (single stems or whole mixes) for the next stages of production. Depending on the desired location for your audio (Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, CD, iTunes, Spotify etc).

Professional mixing services that include digital mastering for competitive rates!

All details will be discussed in full before the project and only once decided on preferences, sound and the path to take will we move forward with prices. I work to the best of my ability on all projects to ensure the customer is happy. I will put in reasonable over time if you require adaptations. 


If you are looking to become a producer, recording engineer, sound designer, digital composer or perhaps even just need help getting through your related A-Levels or BSc course then this is the place for you. With over 7 years production practice and  16 years instrumental practice with varying qualification I have come to learn a thing or two.


And I can help you learn through digital learning. Skype tuition, documentation and guidance. Please contact me for tuition rates


Getting the equipment can be expensive! So learning what equipment is relevant to buy is always a great way to save making early errors.

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 general services

Portable Recording (roaming rec) 

 Do you have a song that you wish to hear produced professionally? But cant afford the fancy studio. Do you want to go to the fancy studio but its just a little bit to out of the way? Well then this is potentially the solution for you. Please click the image below to go to the next page for more details on my mobile production offer Roaming Rec. (UK only). Please check out the website for more details.