Sound Design

Here is a page to see some of my music sound design. Usually targeting video game. But some demo's show video sound design also. 




Audio To Video Series


This is another series of compositions that will be continuously added to over time. 


I aim to pick a range of videos that I will compose to based upon the visuals and the ideas that come to mind. I aim to have a wide range of video styles. Ranging from adverts, game trailers, short films and more... if they do not mind me doing it of course. 


If you have a video clip that you wish me to compose to or a trailer you need to come to life then remember to contact me

Terminus: Cyberstar


This short progress video shows one of the ambient soundtracks for the upcoming cyberpunk video game Terminus Cyberstar. The video contains some of my sound design as well as the soundtrack. This game is always moving forward, and only shows a snippet of the audio work involved. Keep up to date to hear more and see how the game is coming along. 


If you have a video clip, trailer, advert, video game or anything else that you wish me to compose to then please feel free to  contact me