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Terminus: Cyberstar


Terminus Cyberstar is an upcoming indie video-game project currently in development. It can be said that this game fits neatly into the Cyberpunk genre, yet it has a much broader range, featuring qualities found in many video game styles.  The game shows a 'low poly' art-style which adds an unusual but unique visual quality which is rapidly growing into arguably, an artistic masterpiece!


I was first drawn to Terminus Cyberstar a few months ago when contacting a team member regarding its quality. And after conversing and sharing content, I was lucky enough to become part of it as a sound designer and composer.


Seeing it grow has allowed me to find out that this game is going to be great! And not just because I am working on it… but because I feel that being a avid gamer and Sci-Fi fan I can tell when content is… slacking.


This team however are putting 100% into this project and I hope that others can get excited for its release. I know that I am!






"Terminus: Cyberstar is a low-poly cyberpunk immersive sim in the vein of late-90's PC games like Deus Ex 1 and System Shock 2. It features multiple solutions to each objective, including combat, stealth, hacking, social engineering, and rewards player creativity, ingenuity, and exploration, rather than directing the player along a predetermined route. A deep, challenging, multi-layered story will play out in an original world of "interstellar colonialism-meets-cyberpunk".

Contrary to the bright Star Trek future of space exploration, fostering peace with strange new worlds, and interstellar prosperity - it seems humanity always brings its imperial baggage along. Planets are brutally carpet-bombed with antimatter, invaded with spacetroops, and plundered for resources abroad; inequality, mass-surveillance, and media manipulation punish the population domestically.
A wide array of skills, equipment, and enhancements including nano-/bio-/mecha-/quantum- and even alien augmentations. Groundbreaking CCTV/drone/internet data surveillance and social ranking as integrated game mechanics - build facial, vocal biometric capture devices and use digital 'facemasks' for thwarting surveillance/drones which cover almost every inch of city. Mod burner phones for use in flux-spectrum darknets so your every email and social media post aren't used to locate, incriminate, and kill/imprison you.
Hacking, including wireless 'net, drone-spoofing, and vehicle manipulation, even skyjack a hellfire-shooting Searcher Destroyer military craft. DIY crafting system: Upgrade your beat-up trenchcoat with solar trim, syphon electricity from the private power grid with hotwired multitools.
Mechanical hacking: Take apart old phones and radios to hack together an EMP gun, reverse engineer a captured police-state robot-cop into your own personal bodyguard. Biohacking: play God with your own DNA to give yourself bone-hammer knuckles, bat-like sonar, or cheetah-like musculoskeletal structure. Just be careful not to turn yourself into Frankenstein or give yourself an artificial cancer!"

Please join in and follow the team as we progress on our facebook page located 'HERE'



All the best Cyberpunks!