Please feel free to contact Mootzart via our contact form. And if you wish to enquire regarding your companies branding media (Audio or Visual) then please leave some basics of the ideas you have as well as some contact information. Lets build your brand indentiy together.

“A man born to hang, will not drown.”

– Jules Verne

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Do you need content for your brand?

Mootzart specialises in modern or sci-fi audio and music. As well as 3D content for brands, such as product modelling and animation. This also includes assets creation for video games. Today the realms of what’s possible are endless. So anything can be created.

You could have a scene that has your product on display within an environment that you could not find otherwise. Like your latest beer, in its new bottle on top of a mountain, or on a moon. Why not? Or perhaps you’re a DJ or musical artist that wants some artwork with extra ordinary style, a thing that no other artist has. For instance your logo floating above an alien planet. It really is the limits of your imagination. In addition there is always realism. Above all this can be the most impressive to see because the viewer can often not realise what they are looking at. Realism can be blended with the conceptual of course. The needs of studio lighting and set design go out the window. Of course leaving plenty of room for creative ideas to flow.

To conclude, it is best to contact Mootzart to discuss what your needs are. You may have a very simple idea or a very intricate one. Either way Mootzart will work to ensure that your needs are met. And of course at a fair price. Each project is different, and of course everyones budget is different.