JAIQ New Single: Dreams

Have you ever punched someone in your dreams? This song talks about that…

“I punch you in the F**king face, but it’s soft to touch. Its soft to touch, oh no! Im sleeping again.”

Jaiq Dreams Single

Jaiq is the new alter ego of Mootzart. Think of it as my first name, my singing voice. Mootzart being my second name representing everything else.

Dreams is a smaller project aiming to link my retro styles with a more fresh genre. Combining rock, pop, synth and trap together to form an ambient vibe. The single comes with three remixed and remastered tracks from the Mootzart album and the new single Dreams. Mixed by me (Jaiq Mootzart) and mastered at LOUD Mastering studios. LOUD mastering have brought the old tracks to life, as well as ensuring that the new single Dreams is as good as it could be. I mean there is always room to grow and get better with audio and music. However, within this industry it is a constant battle to be at the top. My production has some ways to go, but I feel the stories I tell can make up for it.

Some Music For You

Time to face the music. Below is the Bandcamp player for my EP my preferred place to showcase my music. However it isn’t as modern as other streaming services that are available such as Spotify and Apple Music. But, Bandcamp allow the artist to decide how much they are going to charge for their music. So if you have an interest in an artist and their art, I would suggest using Bandcamp as a way to help them along. I will of course provide a smart link at the bottom of the page linking to all major platforms that the music can be found on…

Dreams link on major streaming services: Link

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