Audio for Advertisement and Video Games (2019 Archive Page)

Audio for Advertisement and Video Games

That’s a large title! But it is required when talking about the large variety of media that audio can accompany. It’s true that audio for advertisement and video games is the core of modern audio content, but it also stretches out to TV and film however…

Audio for Advertisment

When developing your brands advertisement campaign you really need to think about the message that you are putting across to your potential clients. So, take the above skincare advertisement. Ambo Skincare represent a clean and eco friendly brand with a dedication to renewable materials and skin friendly products. This is embedded into their brands identity, and of course should be reflected in everything that they do!

This means when Mootzart designs audio to go with 3D visuals this all has to be taken into careful consideration and must be mirrored within the sounds themselves. The video demonstrates a short social media stylised advertisement that represents the brands intensity as a clean product that is soothing with ‘aquatic freshness’.

Audio for Video Game

Video game audio is extremely varied depending on the genre. There is a much larger playing field when it comes to the asset creation within video games. This could be ambient music, level music or sound design. Sound design for the simple things such as footstep sounds or more complex assets like firing a weapon in a first person shooter.

But the sound must serve a purpose. The target can be realism or it can be conceptual depending on the genre of game. So for instance you wouldn’t usually want the same sounds found within a mobile cartoon platformer’s to be in the AAA open world RPG’s… unless that is the desired effect of course.


Music is extremely important for video game! it helps the player determine the genre and helps build on the lore of the universe that is being simulated.

Ambient music really sets the scene even if its extremely simple. And level music creates a memory tied to the level/area that is being played at the time.

Below is an example of a game in early development with some genre specific ambient music to set the scene. Ambient audio really helps build on the story of the world without there being much actual content within the scene. The Scene also has some basic sound design.

The importance for audio within media…

Audio really is a must when it comes to any type of media. If you want the visual content to stand out then you have to try to simulate the emotional responses found in our reality. This means if something physical or visual happens, then it usually comes with a sound. This sound is there to help alert our brain in advance to take action against dangers. And this is the core of what we are using essentially.

Sounds help to trigger emotional responses. Which is why certain music can make some people cry and why some music can make people agitated or angry. Sharp and loud sounds can heighten our senses and draw out adrenaline. All of these elements can be used within media to draw out emotional responses from people and make the content more engaging. This is why audio is a must have when it comes to media and especially a must if you are thinking of developing content for your brand. Be it advertisement or video game.

Contact Mootzart if you are looking for music/audio content for your brand or video game!

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